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File #: 2021-439    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 11/8/2021 In control: Board of Directors Workshop Meeting
On agenda: 11/18/2021 Final action: 11/18/2021
Title: Contract No. 2102026 Aura Smart Water Technology Platform O&M
Sponsors: Jody Caldwell
Indexes: Planning Services
Attachments: 1. 2102026.CostTabulation, 2. 2102026.ProcurementBoardReport


Contract No. 2102026

Aura Smart Water Technology Platform




Agenda of:                      November 18, 2021

Item No.:                     2021-439

Amount:                     $1,912,500.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

TO:                                          The Honorable

Board of Directors

Great Lakes Water Authority


FROM:                     Suzanne R. Coffey, P.E.

                                          Interim Chief Executive Officer

                                          Great Lakes Water Authority


DATE:                     November 8, 2021


RE:                                          Contract No. 2102026

                                          Aura Smart Water Technology Platform

                                          Vendor: Aquasight, LLC.





Upon recommendation of Jody Caldwell, Interim Chief Planning Officer, the Board of Directors (Board) of the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), authorizes the Interim Chief Executive Officer (ICEO) to enter into Contract No. 2102026, “Aura Smart Water Technology Platform” with Aquasight, LLC., in the amount of $1,217,500.00 for a duration of three years, with two (2) one-year renewal options at a cost not to exceed $347,500.00 for each renewal year for a total amount of $1,912,500.00; and authorizes the ICEO to take such other action as may be necessary to accomplish the intent of this vote.  








The AURA tool is a GIS-based smart water platform with built-in visualization, data analytics and artificial intelligence. It merges pressures, flows, water quality data, GIS files, hydraulic models, and smart meter data. It enables communities to have predictive and proactive water quality data available and to have daily updates on sampling results, historical and seasonal trends and identifies areas that may need attention. The tool also keeps track of a community’s flushing program with dead end and stagnant main views in the application. The tool also assists with lead service line management by allowing communities to build their inventory of lead service lines and keep track of which lines have already been replaced. The application integrates with community hydraulic models to view updates to their system when and where they may occur.


In 2018, GLWA entered into an agreement with Aquasight for use of the AURA tool, anticipating a grant opportunity to pay for the service. At the time, GLWA was working with another Aquasight tool called Apollo at the Water Resource Recovery Facility (currently still in use). The 2018 agreement provided for GLWA to pay the initial set up fee and member communities could opt into the service at their own expense.


Given the initial success, GLWA moved to a full-service model of the application in 2020 to allow all member communities to utilize the tool at no charge. Currently, 40 communities are using the tool.


This contract has three components: Subscription to the AURA tool for all member communities, regional AURA, and additional water quality data integration. The subscription component to the AURA tool for member communities serves as a continuation of current service offered. The other two components are new to this contract.


The Regional AURA component will take advantage of existing water quality data for all member communities and will provide complete and comprehensive regional GIS analytics and proactive management of water quality. This feature will be beneficial to multiple teams across GLWA.


The additional integration of water quality data component will include Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) and Corrosion Control Treatment (CCT) data into AURA. This will enable member communities who use GLWA for their LCR testing to both receive and manage their LCR results in a timely manner. The regional LCR visualizations will also enable GLWA to better understand where LCR related issues are appearing. CCT data and visualizations will also enable more proactive management of water treatment and distribution as well as community-level insights on the asset resiliency or deficiencies present in their system related to CCT indicators.


In this contract, the cost for the AURA tool is on a sliding scale and is based on population served via the tool, not on total population of the service area, as it was in the previous contract. This means that as more communities opt into the tool, the larger the population served will be, and so the rate per person, per year goes down.




The tool has been in place since 2018 and was originally purchased because the GLWA team is continuously evaluating areas where it can add value for our member communities and the region.  By offering this tool to our member communities, GLWA is enabling best practices across the region.


In 2021, GLWA surveyed users of the tool, gauged their level of satisfaction, and heard their desire for GLWA to continue offering this tool. By doing so, GLWA is providing continuity of service and stability for our member communities given that they have invested their time and energy into embracing the tool over the last four years. 


Project Estimate


Initial (3-Year) Term                                                                            $1,217,500.00

Year 1 Optional Renewal Term                                 347,500.00

Year 2 Optional Renewal Term                                 347,500.00 

Contract Total                                                       $1,912,500.00





Summary: Sufficient funds are provided in the financial plan for this contract. 

Funding Source: Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Budget   

Cost Center(s): Systems Planning (886101) 

Expense Type(s): Contractual Professional Services Water Only (5910-886101.000-617904-WS7900)


Estimated Cost by Year and Related Estimating Variance:  See table below.


Fiscal Year                                                                                                                                                   Amount

FY 2022 Budget (Prorated)                                                                                  $    175,000.00     

FY 2023 Financial Plan                                                                                                  450,000.00

FY 2024 Financial Plan                                                                                                  450,000.00                                                               

FY 2025 Financial Plan                                                                                                            500,000.00

FY 2026 Financial Plan                                                                                        500,000.00

FY 2027 Financial Plan (Prorated)                                                           250,000.00

Financial Plan Forecast Estimate                                                                           $2,325,000.00

Total Adjusted Contract Value                                                                        $1,912,500.00

Variance (Positive / (Negative)                                                                        $   412,500.00









This item was presented to the Operations and Resources Committee at its meeting on November 10, 2021. The Operations and Resources Committee unanimously recommended that the GLWA Board adopt the resolution as presented.




This item does not impact the shared services agreement between GLWA and DWSD.